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Risk Management Sydney

At project management Sydney, we provide professional risk management services designed to ensure smooth progress of the project, where project roadblocks are eliminated. Our risk specialists are MBA qualified, and hold over 15 year’s project management experience.

   Why choose us?

  • MBA qualified with agile experience
  • 15 years project management experience
  • Receive a 20% discount (limited time only)
  • Help you avoid catastrophic events
  • Help you deliver the project on time
  • Flexible working hours

What are the benefits of project risk management?

  • Reduce business liability
  • Forecast probable issues
  • Help deliver on time
  • Enable more accurate budgeting
  • Help reduce cost
  • Help saving the project from disasters
  • Reduces stress on the team help better focus on delivery

How much is the services fee?

$500/day including GST (was $600 including GST after 20% discount -conditions apply). If you have a question or inquiries, please contact us or schedule a 30 min free consultation (online casual conversation)

What is project risk management?

Project risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, evaluating, prioritising, and controlling uncertain events that will negatively impact the project. On certain occasions, the risk becomes a show stopper. The risks stem from a variety of sources, including non-experienced project team, economy, organisation politics, natural disasters, technology, and financial capabilities. Planning for risk, can help deliver the project on time, this means delivering on budget too.

How the services delivered?

The services will be delivered remotely (online), or on-site. As per the agreement. It will be determined where will be the location of the project management delivery. Other arrangement may be working 1-2 days on-site.  

What is included?

    • Develop a risk plan
    • Identify the risk
    • Assessing and evaluating the risk
    • Develop a project risk register
    • Control the risk

    Here at Project management Sydney we are the best site for risk managment services Australia wide.