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About Project Management Sydney

Project management Sydney was established by an experience project manager in order to make a difference when it comes to project delivery.

Founder: Sargon Odisho, MBA, BE, SBM
Sargon is the head of project management. He has extensive experience in project management.

Area of specialties:

  • Project Management
    • Business case writing
    • Scope management
    • Schedule management
    • Cost management
    • Quality management
    • Team management
      • Clearly assigned responsibilities and tasks
      • Team motivation
    • Communication management
      • Meeting management
        • Core meeting
        • Steering committee
        • workshops
      • Status reporting
      • Stakeholders update
      • Project control and governance
    • Risk management
    • Tender Management
      • Vendor management
      • SoW Management
      • RFQ
    • Change management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Closing
      • Post implementation report

We work with our clients in order to understand customer’s situation and we implement the most suitable strategies in order to make the most out of the project management services.
We have the experience to dive deep into the project aspects from writing the business case to writing the post implementation review report. We, also,  cover key organisational change management and impact on the organisation when performing business transformation.