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Agile Project Management

At project management Sydney, we provide professional agile project management services. Our project managers are MBA qualified, and hold over 15 years local experience. Our agile project management services are not limited to application and IT infrastructure projects.
Why choose us?

  • MBA qualified with agile experience
  • 15 years project management experience
  • Receive a 20% discount (limited time only)
  • Flexible working hours

How much is the management fee?

  • $500/day including GST (was $600 including GST after 20% discount -conditions apply).

If you have a question or inquiries please contact us or schedule a 30 min free consultation (online casual conversation)

What is an agile project management?

Is a process of breaking the whole project into sub-projects, each sub-project is managed separately within a fixed time frame called the sprint usually 4 weeks in duration. Hence, e.g. an 18 month long project (end to end) can be broken down into 18 sprints. The scope of the whole project will be broken down into user stories or business stories rather than 1 document which is commonly known as Business Requirement Specifications (BRS). The agile team will decide how many of the user stories can be completed. In each sprint the selected user stories are documented, approved by the business, designed, developed, tested and published in the production environment, and this process is repeated in the entire project duration (18 months) for each sprint. Thus the term iterative is used with agile. This makes agile, flexible and is one of the best solution to deal with change management.   

How are the services delivered?

The services can be delivered online/remotely or face to face, depending on the situation and length of the contract. However, during the first consultation the two parties will agree on the terms, and then the services can start after the agreement.

What is include?

We provide full project management services from project initiation to project closing this include:

  • Agile project business case writing services
  • Agile project governance services
  • Agile project scope management services
  • Agile schedule management services
  • Agile project cost management services
  • Agile project quality management services
  • Agile project team management services
  • Agile project communication management services
  • Agile project meeting management services
  • Agile project status reporting services
  • Agile project stakeholders update services
  • Agile project risk management services
  • Agile project tender management services
  • Agile project change management services
  • Agile project Closing services