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Project Change Management

At project management Sydney, we provide professional project change management services including organisational change management. We perform an extensive assessment before we measure the impact of change on the project, including schedule, resources, and cost. We will put in place an effective communication strategy to keep all parties posted and ensure the implementation of an effective approach.  

   Why choose us?

  • MBA qualification consultants
  • 15 years’ plus project management experience
  • Receive a 20% discount (limited time only)
  • Plan and execute effective processes
  • We will reduce the disruptive nature and risk associated with the change

What are the benefits of project change management?

  • The big picture of feasibility is clearer after effective strategy
  • Saves time and reduces cost of the change impact, and offer faster responses to customer demand
  • Track the availability of project resources
  • Provide clearer responsibilities and tasks to project team
  • Minimise resistance to change
  • Great risk mitigation strategy
  • Efficient response to challenges
  • Increase change success probability
  • Improve customer services

    How much is the service fee?

$500/day including GST (was $600 including GST after 20% discount -conditions apply).

If you have a question or inquiries please contact us or schedule a 30 min free consultation (online casual conversation)

What is project change management?

Is the process of managing changes in the project attributes? This change will have an impact on project baselines, including scope, schedule and cost. Also, the change, maybe in the technology or the solution design. The process usually includes asses the change, measure the impact on the project, re-baseline the project and implement the change.
In order to re-baseline the project a formal approval from the project sponsor and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) must be granted.    

How the services delivered?

The services will be delivered remotely (online), or on-site. As per the agreement. It will be determined where will be the location of the project management delivery. Other arrangement may be working 1-2 days on-site.  

What is include?

We provide full project services include:

  • Project change analysis
  • Project change request workshop
  • Change Impact Assessment (IA)
  • Project Change Request (CR) documentation
  • Project change request approval
  • Project re-baseline and adjustment
  • Project change request implementation

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